The inheritors of the land

Mountain gorillas — 1063

Tigers — 3900

Rhinoceros — 9370

Orangutan- 119346

Chimpanzee 172,700 to 299,700

Blue whale -10000- 25000

Gorilla — 321000

Lions — 20000

Giraffe — 111000

Above are the approximate number of animals that exist in the world now. When I first saw that list, I was shocked because I didn’t imagine these beautiful creatures being on the brink of extinction. Look at tigers. When we saw tigers in discovery or national geography channel, we had an impression that there is a significant population of tigers on the earth. However, there are just 3900 tigers left in the world. Another magnificent animal, the king of jungle — lion, is only 20000 left in the world. This shows how much damage we have done to these creatures and how we destroyed their habitat. However, on the other hand, let me show you the number of domesticated animals globally. All the below are approximate numbers.

Chicken — 19 billion

Cows -1.5 billion

Sheep — 1 billion

Pig — 1 billion

Pet cats 400 million

Pet dogs 900 million

This list shows us that the predators or wild animals are extinct day by day; however, the domesticated animals have a large population on the earth. We can see these features in plants and other creatures also. The plants we want, like rice, wheat, and sugarcane, are grown in large quantities; but, the plants we do not need are at the brink of extinction.

I urge my readers to come forward to protect these plants and animals and let them coexist in this world with us.



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